“Business development in the pharmaceutical industry is a topic which is too broad and diffuse to try and encapsulate comprehensively in a single volume…”


In order to continue to grow in the international markets and to take advantage of the potential of its innovative technologies, companies are constantly looking for new opportunities for expansion. There are different choices:

  • to add new products or companies to their portfolio,
  • to ‘subtract for profit’ by dividing mature products and spinning off activities which are diverting resources or diluting profit
  • to outsource and/or complement the global sales structure and business development functions


PHA FARMED may support our partners with already established net of the reputable business partners and professional teams within the countries of operation either strategic corporate projects and/or specific ad-hoc projects.

We may assess the investments in new products, IP rights, projects, companies and healthcare entities. On the other hand, we may assess divestments of individual products, IP, projects, subsidiaries and whole companies.

In / Out-licensing
PHA FARMED is considering a different in / out licensing opportunities. On behalf of our partners we may search for data on the products which are available for in / out licensing.


PHA FARMED acts on behalf of our partners for expansion of their product portfolio.


  • Define the partnering strategy, including the commercial terms
  • Search the opportunities using Search database – contact management
  • Search for partners for licensing/ JV/ Acquisition
  • Assist in assessment of market, sales and prices potential
  • Negotiate a relevant deal structure: term sheet – contract drafting – contract signing
  • Coordinate, manage and/or supervise the progress of the process
  • Complete a deal by finalising the contracts (Licensing, QAA, Joint-Venture Acquisition etc.)