Contract research organisation (CRO) is partnering with a team of highly qualified and widely recognised scientists and experts

Our solutions

Working in partnership with highly innovative experts and scientists, PHA FARMED brings the unique business model combining a European Contract Research Organization with a Contract Business Development Organization and consulting, which supports our customers improve performance, reduce risk and speed up their in-house process.

Clinical studies

Contract research organisation (CRO) is partnering with a team of highly qualified and widely recognised scientists and experts

Stability studies

PHA FARMED offers the efficient study management, flexible storage conditions and testing capabilities which satisfy all EU regulatory requirements (GLP) for a real-time, accelerated or forced-degradation stability study requirements.

Project management

As outsourcing the project management increases, PHA FARMED’s skills can support our partners by immediate implementation of the best project management practices, high-quality results and costs’ optimisation allowing an immediate ROI.


Monitoring the safety of medicines enables our partners to rely on PHA FARMED’s expertise delivering the PV services to the BE sponsors with their safety challenges and to the marketing authorization holders of their approved products.

Regulatory consulting

PHA FARMED’s regulatory experts may execute a part of or entire regulatory projects to provide end-to-end regulatory services throughout the entire drug life cycle – from developing stage, submission, licence approval to post-approval maintenance.

Business development

PHA FARMED puts itself forward as a strategic partner for the business development management services which include: In-Out-licensing, strategic corporate and specific ad-hoc projects’ management, to expand third-party brands’ products portfolio.

Company details


Core business

PHA FARMED develops Contract Research Organisation, Contract Business Development and Consulting solutions, services and support in order to deliver our partners the business intelligence expertise and innovative science according to cGAP.


Areas of expertise

PHA FARMED concentrates in human medicines: POM, vaccines, OTC, illicit drugs – medical cannabis, herbal medicinal products, veterinary medicines, medical devices, food supplements, novel foods and cosmetics as regulated by the valid EU regulations.


Geographical coverage

PHA FARMED is committed to develop the long-term partnerships with the pharmaceutical companies in the countries of European Union, including Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein (European Economic Area), the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.


Quality management system

Quality in PHA FARMED is based on the principles of what is the best for our partners and sponsors. PHA FARMED is continuously improving its business practices by introducing Quality Management System (QMS) according to standard ISO 9001 2015.